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Did You Know?

It is a known fact that our family is unique and extremely blessed in many special ways. Two blessings I stand out among the rest. Our fore-parents obeyed God's commission to be fruitful and multiply. They had 17 children! Six of the 17 children had no children. Eleven of those 17 children had 53 children that are recorded in the first volume of our Warren Family History Book, "We Have Come This Far by Faith". In the process of updating our Warren family tree, I noticed a very interesting trait within the Warren Family. Our family is blessed with the gift of having Polyzygotic Births, (multiple births). Of the eleven children of Elijah Warren who had children, there are 14 sets of twins and 1 set of triplets! The Breakdown: 6 boy/boy sets, 1
girl/girl set, 4 girl/boy sets, and the triples are boys! None of the multiple births are identical. Another fact: during the time that Elijah's children were "courting", it was very common for two unrelated fam- ilies with children of the approximate age to date and marry brothers and sisters from another family. Such is the case in our family. Five of Elijah's children dated and married 5 siblings from the Gipson family. Jo- seph Warren married Cora Gipson, Charity Warren married Sam Gipson, Mary Karene Warren married John Gipson, Lucy Warren married Anthony Gipson and Joshua married Abby Gipson. So, that means we have
quite a few "double cousins" in our family!
Submitted by Rosie Marie Warren Kennedy, Warren Family Historian


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